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Kathleen Deery Design


From the windswept bluff of the Marin!NHeadlands, to the ornate ballrooms of !NCity Hall, to the pastoral landscapes of Napa !N and Sonoma wineries, Kathleen and her staff have !Nthe ability to transform any environment into a space uniquely yours. Kathleen’s success in crafting very individual, personalized weddings is the result of more than ten years experience, a sharp design instinct, and a loyal commitment to you, your families, and your vision. The details she highlights and the fact that she leaves no stone unturned combine to create a lasting impression of beauty for you and your guests. With her expert arrangement of flowers, textiles, lighting, and furnishings, Kathleen will create an enchanted and memorable mood in which to honor your big day.


Together with her production and design team, Kathleen brings years of experience in designing beautiful environments for private parties and corporate events. She has an acute understanding of timing, detail, style, and most importantly, the big picture. She expertly coordinates all the design elements of a given event, and manages to top it off with unexpected finishing touches that make all attendees feel like truly honored guests.

Fresh Cut Classes

It became evident after several years of working with flowers that many people have a desire to learn how to arrange flowers themselves. Responding to frequent requests to teach, Kathleen partnered with talented friend and colleague Janet Bamberger and Fresh Cut Classes was born. Fresh Cut Classes is the ideal setting for learning the latest trends and techniques in floral design. Our custom workshops consist of demonstrations and hands-on participation. You will leave with your own arrangement and the confidence to recreate these designs in your own home. Bring together a group of friends (minimum 8) and we will customize a class just for you. A great idea for wedding showers, baby showers and birthday parties. Classes begin at $145 per person including materials and are held in Kathleen’s stylish design studio.


Kathleen Deery Design is in the business of creating beautiful environments for weddings, events, and parties. Based in The Bay Area, Kathleen embraces local San Francisco and wine country venues such as The Four Seasons, Asian Art Museum, The De Young Museum, City Hall, wineries, and private estates. She also loves traveling to destination weddings, some of which include Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe.!N!N Kathleen’s expertise in the design of flowers, textiles, lighting, and furnishings helps each setting take shape. In her design process, she takes into account her clients’ objective, personality, the venue, and the seasonality of materials. In addition to her design skills, Kathleen brings to the table an experienced understanding of the pulse that underlies all event work. She is the kind of professional clients like working with. Her rapport with clients has earned her a professional reputation backed by referrals. In fact, many of her clients were once bridesmaids or guests.


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  • Praise

    Paula LeDuc

    Founder, President, Paula LeDuc Fine Catering

    "Kathleen is a most engaging, supremely professional and talented floral designer with a true gift for client relations. But more importantly, Kathleen and her team are fun to work with, and the job they do will most likely exceed your wildest expectations."

    Drew Altman

    President and CEO, Kaiser Family Foundation

    "Kathleen Deery has orchestrated so many wonderful events for us. Not just the spectacular floral designs, the entire events. But nothing will ever beat the time she transformed the cargo hold of an old liberty ship into an elegant venue for an evening event for cabinet officers and ambassadors and dignitaries and friends. She had to be part event planner, part design genius, part dockyard negotiator and crane operator, and part diplomat to do that! And of course the flowers were amazing!"

    Lauri Dorman

    Vice President, Paula LeDuc Fine Catering

    "Kathleen Deery designs exquisite events for all occasions. She listens carefully, creates brilliantly and executes flawlessly. But that's not why I selected her for both of my daughter's weddings. Quite simply, she is one of the most engaging, responsive and caring people I have ever met."

    Mary Anne Deery

    Totally unbiased and proud mother of Kathleen

    ”Kathleen knows how to solve tough problems, circumvent obstacles, and get things done. Her luminous personality shines through in the beauty of her designs which reflect her passion for excellence. Kathleen is a breath of fresh air who brings calm and serenity to highly charged environments. The warmth of Kathleen's personality, her gracious charm and her good humor linger long after flowers have lost their glory except in photographs. Kathleen is a joy to behold at work and at home."

    Tia Woodward

    Bride, 2004

    "Kathleen Deery was a godsend for us. Her excellent taste, creative vision, wealth of experience, and most of all her delightful, can-do guidance through the planning and the "big day" made our wedding the most beautiful, space unique-to-us event that we could have imagined. She's a treasure!"

    Jennifer Jeffries


    "Kathleen’s creative and unique designs are only matched by her warm personality and thoughtful touch

    Mary Jeanne Devine

    Bride, 2004

    "When I saw Kathleen two hours before our wedding on the roof of our venue, with a spot light and a black extension cord wound over her shoulder like a lasso, I was impressed with her commitment to her job, and I thought she was a pretty tough chick. But later, when I saw the light and shadow pattern of fall leaves covering our dance floor, I was flooded with gratitude for how special she truly wanted our day and night to be."

    Mollyann Brodie

    Bride, 2005

    ”As I opened the box of my wedding bouquet my jaw dropped as I then shouted – “look at these magnificent flowers!!!” As I greeted my guests after the ceremony all I could say is “did you see my flowers???” Throughout the day each glance down at what I was holding produced a beaming smile. Kathleen succeeded in giving me such a gift with her immense creativity and impeccable taste. She is both a true joy to work with and a true master of design, and she is solely responsible for one of the most wonderful of the many joyous memories of my wedding day."

    Frances Miller

    Mother of the Bride, 2005

    "Every aspect of Kathleen’s floral design is perfection; the hues and different types of flowers, their quality and the choice of containers. These elements combined with the table linens and specialty lighting blended to give an impression of true beauty on this most special day. Most important to me, my daughter was speechless when she received her bridal bouquet”

    Melissa Gold-Hettleman

    Bride, 2004

    "Words can not describe how I felt when I walked down the carpeted aisle toward the most beautiful chuppah I’d ever seen to marry the man I love. Standing underneath this symbolic structure was like being in some enchanted garden. My bouquet and that of my bridesmaids were unbelievable. All of the table flowers and masses of candles were gorgeous, just what I wanted ~ elegant, beautiful and simple."

    Joan Epstein

    Mother of the Bride, 2006

    "Kathleen and Janet’s role in the wedding weekend of our daughter was magnificent and unforgettable. From the personal flowers to the transformation of the dining room, simply stunning! The creativity, the experienced suggestions throughout the process and Kathleen’s unrelenting enthusiasm were outstanding."